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Luna Community College Globalization and the Future Discussion

Our readings this week address the future of globalization and to the readings already in the module, I would like for you all to review the following “somewhat” recent articles:  https://thediplomat.com/2020/03/coronavirus-and-the-future-of-globalization/ (Links to an external site.) https://www.economist.com/open-future/2019/06/28/globalisation-is-dead-and-we-need-to-invent-a-new-world-order (Links to an external site.) Tell us what you think the next five and ten years will hold […]

CU Practicum Competency Paper

Competency Paper Description Instructions:  Write a  paper on the assigned competency. Discuss how the competency guides or influences best practice in your agency. – -Provide two examples where best practice was achieved.  -List each practice behavior by number and full title and discuss two task/activities that you have completed in your agency that demonstrates the […]

Arizona Christian University Horton Hears a Who Essay

1. Why is Horton labeled “deviant” in the story? 2. Use the three elements of constructionism to discuss Horton’s “deviance.” Relativism – Discuss context as it relates to Horton’s “deviance.”   Subjectivism – How does Horton experience being labeled “deviant?” Voluntarism – How does Horton express his free will in making the choice to save […]

Florida State University SYG Current Event Discussion

Each student is required to submit one brief report about a recent (post-2015) local, national, or global event. This report should be submitted during an appropriate week per our course calendar (e.g., a report on school vouchers should be submitted during Week 9). In this report, you should describe the event and analyze it by […]