GCU Healthy Masculinity Introduction to Sociology Discussion

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please watch this video and answer the following questions https://youtu.be/t_VjaI3xxkI

. a. What resonated with you most in the film? b. What parts of the film were surprising or made you sit back and say, “Wow, I never thought about that”? c. What did you learn from the film? d. What questions did the film raise for you personally?

2. MODEL Healthy Masculinity Jackson Katz asks that men rise to the “better angels of our nature.” a. What aspects of our masculine norms can be harnessed for good? b. What does it mean to you to model healthy masculinity? c. For men? d. For women, how can we support men to remain true to their whole selves? e. Is there anything specific you learned from some of the men in the film that you wish to apply in your own life? f. How can we support adult men to embrace being role models? g. What actions can you take today, this week, this year, to model healthy masculinity?

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