Discovering Child Development Discussion Response

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for this assignment respond to jessica’s temperament chart with 199 words

Imaginery school child (5-12 yearS)
1). Age: 5.5 years/male
A). Physical appearance: about 45 inches tall. Short hair, not too thin, not overweight. Heavy build.
B). Health of child: healthy, nutrition intact.
C). He engages in running, playing with gun toys, puzzles. Engages in playing hand-held video games.
D). They attempt to put him in sports, activities like playing soccer in the park .

Child’s development through “cognitive” domain.
A). The child likes drawing, perhaps interested due to a development in creative inteligence, which, “involves insights, synthesis, and the ability to react to new situations and stimuli.” Pg. 375

B). This child does not like being in one place at a time, high energy possibly due to attention deficit disorder.

C). This child likes to pick up books about airplanes, which may affect his ability to learn and develop more curiousity of this subject.

D). Because of this child’s interest in books about airplanes, it can be probable that he will develop the ability to solve problems through the fact that they, “add new words to their vocabulary, and their understanding of these new words often is acquired by listening to the context in which the words are used.” Pg. 380.

3). Temperament chart of child:
Activity level: high
Distractibility: high
Intensity: high
Sensitivity: low
Approachability: high
Adaptibility: high
Persistence: low
Mood: positive for the most part.
Fabes, R. & Martin, C.L. (2009). Discovering Child Development. Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

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