Columbia University Social Science Heroic Leadership Discussion

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I’m stuck on a Social Science question and need an explanation.

There are many ways to define heroic leadership. One is “Heroic leadership is the pinnacle of leadership, conducted by a transformed and enlightened leader who seeks to trans form and enlightened others. This is the individual leader boldly moving forward and “saving ” people.

Watch the links below and answer these three questions

After watching leadership and management expert Simons Sinek’s video on trust in leadership reflect on the following point, you should write about 250 words in these questions:

1. It’s argued that heroic leadership is on the decline. Why is that happening? What are some alternate ways of looking at this issue?

2.Does anyone benefit from heroic lem.adership

3.After watching leadership and management expert Simon Sinek’s TedX video. What’s the significance of safety and trust, which counters heroic leadership?

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