Cherokees Research Project

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Cherokee Research Project

n this project we will examine documents written by and/or about Cherokee people and their history and culture. We will attempt to determine how Cherokee philosophy and thought emerges “between the lines” in some of these documents. Even though many historical accounts are written by non-Cherokees, we can speculate about what Cherokees may have been thinking based on our knowledge of their culture.

Part A:

Choose a document from Wilson Library’s digital archives, and/or one of the interviews with Cherokee people available in the Southern Oral History Collection. Write 3 paragraphs addressing the following questions:

  1. What or who is this document about? Provide a brief summary.
  2. Why was the document produced? Did it serve to persuade? To report? To entertain? What makes you think so?
  3. Who is the document’s intended audience?
  4. From whose perspective is the document written?

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