CCMH 568 University of Phoenix Relections on Participation Paper

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Review the notes you’ve taken each week following the counseling-oriented role-play sessions. NOTE: You must submit a copy of the notes you have taken each week.

Please access BONGO and take SOAP notes for each video for Weeks 2-7. These Soap Notes are apart of the assignment.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper reflecting on your experiences in the counseling-oriented role-play sessions. Include reflections on the following:

  • Part 1: Notes Review
  • Identify an patterns, events, or situations that stand out as you read through your session notes.
  • Identify any events, thoughts, feelings, experiences, or ideas that surprised you during the sessions.
  • Describe what you learned from being a group leader and member.
  • Part 2: Personal Boundaries
  • Describe your level of awareness of your personal boundaries while participating as a group leader and member.
  • Explain the importance of group leaders developing and maintaining an awareness of personal boundaries.
  • Part 3: Self-Disclosure
  • Describe the nature of the information disclosed in your group sessions.
  • Explain your feelings about self-disclosing as a group member and how these feelings may have differed from self-disclosing as a leader.
  • Describe general guidelines that should be considered when determining if self-disclosure is appropriate as a leader.
  • Part 4: Integration
  • Describe how your experience in the counseling-oriented group helped you to better understand, integrate, and formulate a personal approach to group work.
  • Describe your preferred theoretical model and explain why you prefer this model.

Include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources. 

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