BUSI 345 CU The Elements of An N Effective Collaborative Relationship Discussion

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Read the posts of your peers and post scholarly responses to the initial posts of two. Provide additional suggestions for ways in which a clearly defined outcome and a focus on strengths might shape the capacity for success in a collaborative practice.

Student post down below:

For a successful collaborative relationship, planning and clear outcome of goals need to be established at the beginning. This requires planning and proper communication at all levels of management with respect, understanding and trust. The strength-based approach will often focus on collaboration. This relationship will be successful in meeting the specified outcomes. Strength-based approach will value the skills, knowledge and connections that are made by individuals and within the community. One does not only need to focus on strengths but also any challenges that may come up. The strength-based approach will have a better understanding of strengths and relationship of the community by the services that are being offered. Planning and having a clear direction of the mission, and vision will help in focusing on the goals and their outcome. Focus on strength will help the company grow and be successful. When employees understand the goals, they are trying to meet there are more willing to try hard to make sure that they are doing this to help the company. It is important to help, and employee see what their weakness is so they can focus on trying to make a difference and strengthen that area so they can be successful. Many times, employees are not aware of what they need to focus on and build on to help their work easier on them and help build the company to be successful.

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