Acaydia School of Aesthetics LLC Social Science Alphabet Theme Discussion

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Please respond to shanique with 200 words

1. Alphabet theme- The children can learn their Abc’s , the perfect book to read to them for this theme would be Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Ant the children can do different activities like picking their favorite letter of the alphabet and then they can practice writing / tracing it out on paper. Also write out the children’s names and let them practice tracing and writing out their name.

Bear Theme- Can read the book Brown bear, Brown bear , what do you see? . Print out different activities that involve bears for them to pick and choose the ones that want to do. Print out a bear coloring page etc.

Color theme- The children can learn their colors , draw pictures using their favorite colors. Find different songs that involve the singing about the different colors and sing along with them. Draw a rainbow , etc.

Dr. Seuss theme- There are tons of Dr. Seuss books that can be read to the children, but one that they can learn their colors and counting would be the book, One fish , Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish.

Fall theme- The children can do different activities for this theme including going outside to pick a leaf off of the tree, letting them pick a big or small leaf and painting it. Can read the book Why do Leaves Change Color? By Betsy Maestro . Pass around a small pumpkin at circle time, etc.

Apple theme- Get a red and a green apple enough for all of the children , and show them to the children and ask them about the color of the Apple. And to describe the Apple, there is a math counting game they can do where the it tells the children the amount of apples that go on the tree and they place the correct number of apples on each tree. Print out coloring pages of apples and let the children decide if they want to color it red or green. Cut the apples for the children so that they can taste them and describe the differences , etc.

2. The themes that I chose are fun and relevant for preschool children because they will be learning about the different themes that I chose , and they are interesting and fun themes that the children will enjoy.

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