WU Challenges to Reintegration Discussion

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Parole developed out of a need to control inmate behavior and to reduce prison overcrowding. As the cost of building and maintaining prisons grew, corporal punishment and solitary confinement to control prisoners were replaced with incentives for inmates that resulted in early release from prison. Indeterminate sentences replaced determinate sentences, and prisoners were offered early release for good behavior and for participation in vocational, educational, and treatment programs.

Offenders who are released from prison face a number of challenges that can prevent successful reentry into the community. Some offenders are released because they have finished serving their entire sentence, while those on parole are offered conditional release by a parole board. Offenders who are released on parole have to satisfy the conditions of their parole in addition to other challenges associated with reintegrating back into society after years of incarceration.

In this Discussion, you consider some of the specific challenges parolees face after they leave prison. You also discuss the “ban the box” initiative in light of these challenges.

Post a response that addresses the following:

  • What are some of the challenges faced by parolees after they leave prison?
  • Explain the “ban the box” initiative and how supporters believe this initiative assists with addressing one of those challenges. Is “ban the box” useful for parolees?
  • What are the criticisms or consequences of banning the box, and should this initiative be continued and expanded? Why or why not?
  • Add References

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