WCU Social Science Weight and Health Case Study Draft Paper

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Part 1) Rough draft of your entire paper: Submit a rough draft of your entire research paper.  Your paper must include an introduction, literature review, data and methods, results, and conclusions sections. The sections that are already complete will be provided (literature review and data/methods). 

Part 2) self-evaluate your work.  For each criteria you must provide a score and justification for why/how you’ve met the expectation or what actions you will take to meet the expectations in the final submission.  


Using Statistical Methods in Social Science Research With a Complete SPSS Guide 3rd Edition

By: Soleman H. Abu-Bader

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Print ISBN: 9780197522431

eText ISBN: 9780197522455

Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods for Social Science Research

By: Soleman H. Abu-Bader

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Print ISBN: 9780190616397

eText ISBN: 9780197621356, 019762135X

Study Links and Data: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eXkm_OfP5M_p41…



Case Study Evaluation In the case study students will produce a full research paper around a supplied case problem. The case problem is available on our course site starting Week 2 of the course. More specifically, from the case problem students will identify an appropriate research/evaluation question. From this research/evaluation question students will produce a literature review to understand existing knowledge around the problem. Next, students will critique the current research/evaluation design and provide detailed suggestions for improving the design moving forward. that includes a thorough discussion related sampling techniques, variables, measurements, and quantitative techniques needed to answer the question at hand. Finally, students will use the supplied dataset to test their hypotheses. All papers must include a results and conclusion section. Our course site contains a rubric to help guide your writing. Additionally, there are several “checkpoints”(listed below) that you must adhere to.

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