USC Data Analysis Results and Recommendations Question

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Data Analysis Results and Recommendations

This is part three of the Data Analysis Project and will be incorporated into the final assignment. Please review the elements needed for the final data analysis report in Unit 9. This section will discuss the results, recommendations, limitations, and executive summary.

For this assignment, you will evaluate the data for your organization, report the results, make recommendations, discuss the limitations of the data, and summarize the entire paper.

Results (three pages including charts or graphs): Analyze your data by summarizing participant variables and presenting totals for the variables. For example, how many are of which gender, race, religion, homeless, and whatever applies. Include the following:

In the results sections, create charts, pie graphs, or other graphs to represent the data.

Formative Evaluation.

  • Look at the program that already exists for your topic and decide whether the new program you desire supports or improves the existing program.
  • Break down the variables into subcategories and analyze how those subcategories are different.

Discuss how the data you found impacts the issue you are researching.

  • Create possible questions to ask yourself regarding the data.
  • Note: If you are using the Riverbend City media example, you may project reasonable data variables.
  • Limitations (one page): Discuss limitations of the results of your available data to solve your issue. In the limitations section, discuss the limitation of the data and if there is a problem generalizing it to other organizations.
  • Explain whether the data you see is representative of the specific population involved with your chosen problem or issue.

Further, discuss whether the data is representative of the general population.

For example, would you see the same data for another agency?

Recommendations (1–2 pages): Propose recommendations for an organization regarding an identified problem. In the recommendations section, you make suggestions for the organization, which will move the organization forward using the data to support the recommendations.

  • Discuss what needs to change immediately versus long term.
  • Explain how your data will best support your budget to make the change.

Identify grants and funds from your sources.

  • Analyze effective communication methods and practices to effectively interpret your data to diverse internal and external stakeholders.

Executive Summary (two double-spaced pages): Create an efficient and effective executive summary analysis, using your chosen data so internal and external stakeholders can make decisions for your organization in an efficient and effective manner. Complete the following for the analysis:

State an overview analysis.

  • Describe the findings.
  • Suggest what executive decisions would help to solve the problem.

Describe what your agency does well.

  • Note: In Unit 9 this Executive Summary will be in the beginning.
  • Submission Requirements

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