SOCW 4005 WU Monitoring Interventions & Change Approach Discussion

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Discussion: Change Approach

To continue the work of program development, the macro social worker must select a change approach to use. Ultimately, the social worker must develop a potential solution to identified problems by the organization and the client. It is important that the solutions address the identified client system problem. Depending on the problem, the social worker may encounter resistance to change due to members seeking to maintain the status quo. The social worker must also consider the amount of time and risk involved in the proposed change process. Typically, the more change that occurs, the more challenging the process is due to possible competition for resources and power. The change approach chosen and the timing of the proposed change is also vital to the social worker’s success. In this week’s Discussion, you choose a change approach and apply it to macro interventions.

For this Discussion, review this week’s Learning Resources on change approach.

Post the following:

  • Describe the change approach you can use for your Week 7 macro intervention to include policy, program, project, personnel, or practice.
  • Explain why this is the best choice to make for your intervention.

    Discussion 1(B): Monitoring Interventions

    Intervention is not an event—it is a process, and it needs to be carefully planned, monitored, and evaluated. In addition to limited resources, there are many factors that may influence the political environment of a change effort. Often, programs compete for limited funding, and funding sources demand accountability for their support. Social workers monitor and evaluate change efforts to be able to respond to these requests. Social workers also assess for positive change movements and steer activities in the direction of the desired outcome. If the social worker determines an intervention to be a success, he or she should continue the work and stay the course. However, if an intervention is ineffective, social workers should consider revising the plan and course of action. In this week’s Discussion, you determine effective ways to evaluate the program you developed in your Week 7 Assignment.To prepare for this week’s Discussion:

    • Review your Week 7 Assignment.
    • Locate the key information noted below for sharing with your colleagues.
    • Recall research design methods you learned about in your research courses.

    Post the following:

    • Summarize the following items from your Week 7 Assignment to provide your colleagues with a brief overview of your program:
      • System
      • Name of agency
      • Name of target program
      • The agency’s mission or the goals of the program
      • Probable funding source
      • Client system
      • Client population served, eligibility requirements, and services offered
      • Referral sources and/or collaborative services
    • Describe the effectiveness of the program.
    • Describe any current agency issues.
    • Describe how you will evaluate the target program.
    • Explain which research design would be most appropriate for this evaluation.
      • Note: Do not use single-subject research design for a program evaluation.

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