SOC 101900 Drexel University Social Structures Discussion

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This assignment asks you to consider at least three concepts related to socialization that have been prominent thus far in your life. In reflecting on them, apply these concepts from your textbook chapter on socialization and at least one additional reading from week 3 and one from week 4 (for example: perhaps specific agents of socialization; the looking-glass self; gender and heteronormativity – Kane). Using specific examples, discuss how structure constrains and enables your choices. You do not need to use outside references, but can if you wish to. When citing specific quotes for the first time, cite the page number and author of the quote in text, and the reference at the end of the paper. Use direct quotes sparingly though, give this is a brief response paper.

This assignment is aimed at developing your sociological imagination: to think about how your personal lives have been influenced by larger social structures and groups, particularly the ways in which you have been (and/or continue to be) socialized. Hence, make connections between your choice”  and larger social structures )understanding that choices may sometimes not be choices in the true sense of the word).

Your paper will be evaluated for style and grammar and, most importantly, for using the three appropriate sociological concepts in your interpretation of your autobiographical data, and the attempt made in examining the intersection between biography and social processes.

I do not wish to discourage you from addressing sensitive personal issues but want to address your privacy rights. Hence, you are reminded not to put personally sensitive material in your autobiographies if you feel you may be harmed by doing so.

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