Los Angeles Valley College Methods of Evaluation Essay

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I use analysis all the time, in publications, classes and in my personal life. When I was looking for a home, I looked at home values across two decades in the neighborhoods I could afford to live to see which neighborhood was my best investment. You probably are exposed to methods of evaluation in your life, too.

This week let’s talk about these methods and if, after reading the chapter, we can tell if the agents who claim to use these methods should be trusted or if you remain skeptical.

I will start:

The commercial that claims, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Trident Gum. I do not trust this claim. First, we do not know about the sample. What dentists? Where? How were they chosen? It could be that these dentists work for Trident Gum and felt coerced (forced) to support the gum. I say the sample is biased (not randomly chosen) and therefore I remain skeptical of the claim.

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