ELAD 6073 GCU The Schools Have Zero Tolerance to Weapons Case Study

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Read the case study. Consider the legal issues surrounding the case. Based upon the research, readings, lecture and video’s write a one page double-spaced essay. Your response must include relevant case law and the implications of that case law for the case study. 

  • NELP: 2.2a, 2.2b, 2.2c, 2.2d, 2.2e, 6.3a, 6.3b, 6.3c. 6.3d, 6.3e
  • LEADS: D2b, D3d, D4a
  • Arkansas Curriculum Competencies: 2.2, 6.3, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
  • Arkansas Sped Competencies: 2.1, 2.2, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
  • Arkansas GT Competencies: 2.2, 3.5, 8.1, 8.2, 8.3
  • ISTE Standards: 1c, 1d, 4c

Part 2:(separate document) 

  • Finding Resources for Teaching Students (100 points)
  • Go to the website peabody.vanderbilt.edu. Hover over “Resources”; then click IRIS Resource Locator.  Under “topic,” click Disability.  You will see several choices – modules, activities, information briefs, interviews, video vignettes.  Explore those for a few minutes to see what is available.  Then pick a topic of your choice under the “information briefs” category.  Select the topic based on a problem you are needing to address in the classroom or that is just an area of interest to you (Examples:  Autism, ADHD, Learning Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.).  After reviewing the information brief, look for activities, modules, interviews and/or video vignettes that would be useful in helping you teach a student with that disability.  Spend 45 minutes to an hour investigating the materials available on that topic.

Write a paper that contains the following components:

  • A summary of information about the disability you chose that would be useful for a teacher to know. Point out specific characteristics of that particular disabled population and discuss how knowing this information can inform a regular classroom teacher on the proper instructional approaches to try.
  • A description of an activity you found that might be useful to try in your classroom. Include detail about the strategy, what kind of student it would benefit, and your plan for integrating use of that activity or strategy into your instructional process and/or lesson plans.
  • A summary of a module OR interview OR video vignettes that you watched (in part or whole). Include implications for your teaching when you encounter a student with that particular disability or needs.
  • A paragraph related to the implications for modifying your instruction based on what you have learned about students with learning differences that are severe enough to be formally labeled as a disability.

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