CAU Skills Based Training Program Paper

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Students advance the development of their research proposal through brief progress
notes, focusing on specifically selected areas. Each progress notes uses only 2 pages that can be singlespaced, using font 12, and cover specified contents. Please note that the progress notes cover
specifically selected areas of the proposal, and not all areas that are required to be covered by the
proposal as discussed above. Progress notes are not a substitute for the final research proposal but are
meant to assure progress towards proposal completion.

Progress Note 2 covers: ●Identifies the main study variables, and presents brief conceptual definition for
each, along with variable measurement, including relevant instruments; ●brief theoretical underpinning that justifies the application of the proposed intervention; ●identifies relevant quantitative design and
briefly explains its suitability for addressing the study research question; and ●identifies sample
participants and their selection strategy suitable for the proposed study

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