Barack Obamas Identity Status Essay

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The Identification Status project has to be someone popular as a role model or friend, and discussed about his life status, how Physical, Cognitive and Psycho-social development really be an effect in his life. If we can choose OBAMA as an example will be fine. 

INTRODUCTION: Introduce the topic of Marcia’s identity statuses, and discuss how this might relate to a “career – focused” identity. Be sure to identify each status (briefly) and explain how crisis/commitment are theorized within the model

PARTICIPANTS: Describe how you sourced the participants. Who were they (No specifics, just general)? Age range? Other information about the participant.

METHODOLOGY: Explain how you created the survey and how you administered it. Please include a copy of your questionnaire within your paper. How were participants approached? What were told?

RESULTS: Describe your findings. You may wish to include answers to questions such as; was one more identity statuses are common than the others? How did you determine the “status” for each participant? Make some conclusions about statuses that many individuals did (or did not) fall into.

LIMITATIONS & DIRECTIONS FOR THE FUTURE RESEARCH: Were there any limitation of your research design? Consider sample size, the limitation of the survey design, etc.

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