Assessment and Observation Are Crucial for The Development of A Child Response

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The DRDP at first glance seems a little complex and intimidating to be frank. Upon further reading of the document it seems that assessment is very necessary for the continued evaluation of a child in the school. I feel the document was very detailed and specified all the areas that are pertinent of the development if the child. As explained in the text observation is the best way to evaluate children and understand their needs (Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte. 2016). The DRDP showed specific observations which makes it easier for an educator to do a proper analysis moreover how to document the progress. For example asking whether the child reaches for a familiar adult. There are many aspects that have to be seen and documented and they vary with each child of course that is why I am sure the assessment tools specified what to look for and what areas are best to focus on. As mentioned in the text observing requires perceiving the total picture and specific detail (Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte. 2016). Therefore is ultimately the educator very important responsibility to observe and asses correctly and to be thorough. If the teacher is vigilant and careful and detailed in the observation of the child, the assessment can and will be beneficial in the development needs of the child. 


Feeney., Moravcik., & Nolte. 2016 .Who Am I In the Lives of Children: An Introduction to Early Childhood Education. Boston: Pearson Education.

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