Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge and Chelmsford Purchase Agreement Paper

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Instructions for Part 5 – Purchase Agreement

Final paper prep activity #5. Today, you will do something new and different from the previous assignments. You will be writing an offer to purchase real estate (RPA) on behalf of your buyer clients! Read and follow the instructions below.

NEW METHOD TO COMPLETE THE FORM! Click this link to access my form in PDFFiller Links to an external site. THEN SKIP TO STEP 3!

Step 1. Install PDF Software on Computer

OLD METHOD: Before you begin this assignment, you will need to ensure you have PDF software or a PDF app that allows you to insert text in the documents. Note that it must allow you to edit or insert text. I recommend Adobe Acrobat Pro, which you can download here: Links to an external site. Select the second blue button, “Download Acrobat Pro Trial” which is a free 7-day trial. Do not select the “Reader” app on top, which does not allow editing. NOTE: If your free adobe trial has expired, some solutions are: (1) download another free version using a different email address and/or installing on a different computer; (2) pay the $15 for one month of Adobe pro; or (3) download a different PDF app to use. I recommend NitroPro and here’s where you get a free trial: Links to an external site. You can also try searching for “pdf editor free”. You can select from many different PDF apps (make sure it has edit capability).

Step 2. Download RPA Form and Mock Data

We will be using the RPA-CA form (Residential Purchase Agreement – California) from the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.). Download the sample PDF form and complete it using mock data.


Complete the sample form with the mock data as shown below and in this document

Step 3. Complete the RPA Form by Typing Text in the Blank Fields

Reference the textbook from Huber, chapter 7, to complete this form. Use the mock data to complete the RPA form. Ensure you complete all blank fields, adding “n/a” (not applicable) to any fields that do not require a response. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS IN YOUR TEXTBOOK, CHAPTER 7. Note there is a purchase agreement package (several forms) as we learned in class; however, for this assignment, you will only be completing the primary form (RPA). Refer to the examples in the multimedia presentations shown below (scroll down).

Further Directions to Complete Form:

  • Pages 1-10: use the mock data provided in the “BRE 101 Buyer Purchase Profile Data.docx” document above.
  • Any data not provided — you can create your own mock data.

In addition to the mock data, follow the directions below:

  • Use an “X” mark to select boxes when needed.
  • Insert “N/A” (for “Not Applicable” into any blank fields).
  • Pages 1-9: insert buyers’ initials at the bottom of each page.
  • Page 2: insert buyers’ initials on page 8 under items #21 and #22.
  • Pages 2-10: include full property address at the top of each page.
  • Pages 2-10: include date at the top right of each page.
  • Page 9: insert the buyers’ names on each signature line at the bottom of page 9.
  • Page 10: insert your name as the buyer’s brokerage firm in the middle of the page.

Module 10 Activity: RPA Demonstration


Use the following multi-media presentations as examples to help you complete the form.

Introduction to the California Residential Purchase Agreement (CAR Form RPA) by Jacob Lawlor – Real Estate Coaching (38:37).

How To Complete a California Residential Purchase Agreement Tutorial Form RPA 2020 by Open Home (27:12 – begins at 2:45).

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