Acaydia School Social Science Fire Prevention and Code Enforcement Paper

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 respond to Garnette  with 150 words

We use several and may use several more depending on the type of construction we’re doing. According to the NC Code book, here are some codes we will use consistently:

  • Emergency Planning and Preparedness
  • Building Services and Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Safety During Construction and Demolition
  • Welding and other Hot Work
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Compressed Gas

We mostly construct on military bases, so the list may be more extensive depending on the building and the type of construction. The inspecting/prevention division is involved from the beginning. Typically we see an inspector weekly or more as needed. I think whenever we have the potential for fire, it’s best to have the experts weigh in. The inspectors provide reports throughout their department so fire fighters stay aware of the construction process. As items, like chemicals or compressed gases, are brought onsite, we are required to inform the inspecting/prevention team so they can perform a site visit. During this visit, the inspector is verifying that we have these items stored properly and that we have the appropriate fire protection within reach. Additionally, we are required to provide a list of all known chemicals onsite to the inspector in case of an emergency. The final prevention measure enforced, ensuring there’s a map detailing where chemicals are stored on the site, and where the marshalling area is for emergencies.

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