Waldorf University Human Sexuality Essay

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read the attached chapter 5 (it is in 2 parts) and write minimum 500 words based on the instructions

Provide a short summary of the reading taking key points and highlighting them

In addition answer the following questions:

1) List gender-role stereotypes. What evidence is there to support or refute these stereotypes? What are the functions of these stereotypes? How do they affect relationships and sexual interactions?

2) How does referring to men or women as “the opposite sex” affect our perception of gender differences?

3) An ongoing debate centers around the origin of gender roles. Do our gender roles reflect an instinctive/biological nature or are they created by society? What kinds of data, such as animal or anthropological studies, are needed to support such theories. What are their shortcomings? Are male aggression and female nurturance biological or social in nature—or both? What evidence is there to support assertions?

4) Traditional gender roles continue to affect the medical and health profession. What kind of reactions do people have to male nurses? Female surgeons? If you are a woman, does it make a difference to you if your gynecologist or health-care worker is female or male? If you are a man, does it matter if a physician performing a testicular or prostate exam is female or male?

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