University of Maryland Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Policy Analysis

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 work as a policy analyst to provide a thorough analysis of a public policy (state, local, or federal level). 

Policy: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).


a. At least 12 pages, not including references (the page numbers are suggestions, you may spend more or less time based on your research). 

b. This is a continuation of a paper attached. ***Please use those references and include more if needed.***

c. Must use correct APA format. 

d. Using the outline below, each heading and subheading should be a separately titled paragraph that is addressed in the paper. If you think a specific heading has no bearing in your analysis you should provide a rationale as to why you do not include it in your work.

e. DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON PRONOUNS IN THIS PAPER (I, me, mine, we, us, etc.); if you must talk about yourself, refer to yourself as “the/this author.”

4. Economic Analysis 2.5 pages

a. What are the effects and potential effects of the policy on the functioning of the economy as a whole: output, income, inflation, unemployment, and so forth (macroeconomic analysis)? 

b. What are the effects and potential effects of the policy on the behavior of individuals, firms, and markets: motivation to work, cost of rent, the supply of commodities, etc. (microeconomic analysis)? 

c. What is the opportunity cost; cost/benefit analysis 

5. Political Analysis 2.5 pages 

a. Who are the primary stakeholders regarding this particular policy/program?

i. What is the power base of the policy’s/program’s supporters? 

ii. What is the power base of the policy’s/program’s opponents? 

iii. How well are the policy’s/program’s intended beneficiaries represented in the ongoing development and implementation of the policy/program? 

b. How has the policy/program been legitimized? Is this basis for legitimation still current? 

c. To what extent is the policy/program an example of rational decision-making, incremental change, or change brought about by conflict? 

d. What are the political aspects of the implementation of the policy/program? 

6. Policy/Program Evaluation 2.5 pages 

a. What are the outcomes of the policy/program in relation to the stated goals? 

b. What are the unintended consequences of the policy/program? 

c. Is the policy/program cost effective?

7. Current Proposals for Reform [What are your policy recommendations?] 

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