University of Colorado at Boulder Power to the People by John Lennon Essay

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Song: Power to the People – John Lennon

Your papers should be 1200 words minimum to 1500 words maximum, DOUBLE-SPACED.

In the opening of your paper, provide some general information about the song and then deal critically with each of the following questions:

Do you interpret the lyrics of your chosen song to be connected to a specific modern struggle or could they be considered “timeless?”

How does knowing about the context in which the song was written influence your thoughts about the song’s meaning?

In thinking about the lyrics of your chosen song, how would our society function differently if goals/aspirations set forth in the lyrics were realized? Go into some detail.

Is the song simply a plea to imagine a better world or is it a call to action?

What steps or actions can we take in order to work toward the goals/ideals put forth in the song? Be specific.

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