Juvenile Delinquency Infographic

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An example will be provided and further details on what to include

Post your final project infographic here. These can be created for free using the Canva app or website (https://www.canva.com/ (Links to an external site.) ). When you select your template, there’s an option to filter for free templates, so there’s no need to purchase one. Your infographic should include the following:

  1. At least 7-10 facts or pieces of information, and at least 5 recommendations. All points need to be accurate, relevant, based on research, and cited appropriately
  2. Citations for the information
  3. Visually appealing presentation

You will be scored on the following:


· Topic is clearly defined, information is used to justify importance of the issue

· Information is relevant to class material and appropriate



· Information on infographic is accurate and evidence-based

· At least 7-10 pieces of information are included. All points need to be accurate, relevant, and based on research.

· At least 5 recommendations for how to improve the issue are made



· Facts are cited appropriately

· Information comes from reliable sources

· At least two peer-reviewed sources

· All information is paraphrased (no direct quotes)


Infographic Visual Presentation

· Infographic is visually appealing

· Text is readable

· Images are used effectively and creatively

· No grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors

· Clear and concise wording


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