Implicit Bias Test Reflection

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The assignment unfolds in two stages:

First – Take the Implicit Bias Test: Choose any two of the implicit bias tests offered by Project Implicit. (Links to an external site.)

Here is some preliminary information about the implicit biases tests:

Overview: (Links to an external site.)

About the IAT: (Links to an external site.)

Ethical Implications: (Links to an external site.)

FAQ: (Links to an external site.)

Second: Write a short (1-2 page, 12-inch font, 1-inch margins), critically reflective paper about the results of your implicit bias tests.

  • See assignment details for more. IMPORTANT NOTE: The assignment details are too long. Yes, this is something I need to work on (and am working on). BUT – before you take one look at the length of the assignment details and respond with a “TL;DR,” please note that I have provided a shortcut for you: the most important aspects of the assignment are in bold print. You can just read those bolded sections (which are NOT too long!), and you’ll be all set. The rest of what I wrote, while not absolutely essential for your paper, seemed, to me, to be important to say. So, I’m leaving it in there – feel free to read it, or ignore it. But, if you have an objection to the assignment, and/or if you’re really into it, some of that might actually be worth the read.

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