FHS 215 Exploring Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Science Discussion

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Knowledge of the key quantitative research methods used to gather and analyse social data.

An understanding of how to compare statistical data to evaluate a research hypothesis

Critical evaluation of the effectiveness and limitations of the key quantitative researchmethods in order to conduct research.


4. How to design, perform and analyse a quantitative data set, using appropriate technologies, to develop a research report.
5. How to collate and synthesize both empirical data and theoretical information to write a research report.


Alcohol is one of the leading health issues in the UK. In 2017, 58% of adults in the UK reported drinking alcohol. There were 337,000 hospital admissions and 5,507 deaths.


Using data from Health Survey for England, 2011 which is available on Canvas, perform the following analysis:


No Questions Introduction

1  How many people are included in the sample?

2  What is the percentage of people who drink alcohol?

3  What is the percentage of women in the sample?

4  What are the highest educational levels?

5  What is the percentage of divorced or separated people?

6  What is the percentage of White people?

7  What is the mean, median, mode,minimum, maximum, and the range of household size?

8  What is the mean, median, mode, minimum, maximum, and the range of age at last birthday?
Cross Tabulation

9  Which sex drinks alcohol more?

10  Which region drinks alcohol most?Correlation

11  What is the correlation between whether drink nowadays, total household income, age last birthday, and sex? Discussion

12  Discuss your findings with reference to relevant literature on gender and alcohol in the UK?

13  What are the implications of your analysis for the prevention and control of alcohol use in the UK?

14  What are your conclusions and recommendations?

15  Presentation and referencing

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