Community Development Response

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please respond   to wendi  with 200 words 

I grew up in a home with both of my parents working full-time and commuting deeper into Los Angeles as well. So 8 hour work days were at least 9 and ½ hours away from the house if not more. I remember as a very young child having to go to a babysitters house and know that at some point my sister and I were latchkey kids as well. I do not remember the age I was when my parents decided we could walk home and be there when one of them got home. I was the second child who always wanted to be like my older sister, because of this I usually pushed myself in school but when I needed help with homework my sister was there to help. When our parents were home we would play outside as much as possible and were able to walk down to our friend/landlords house where most of the neighborhood children could be found when school was not in session. Growing up in Lawndale (not a great area) unaware of any other ways I think helped me to be a little more prepared for the world and some of the dangers it can hold. I never realized how the area you are in can affect so much more of your life until we moved from this area to Riverside county when I was about 12. As an adult I am very aware of my surroundings and how the environment can affect a child’s views and their development. 

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