Communicating Empowering Expectations Podcast Discussion

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Assignment –

Listen to Batman:…

This is an atypical example of how expectations might impact a person’s development. How might this apply to your work with clients (clinical social worker)? How might you communicate empowering expectations to your clients? What difference might this make? What might be some dangers of having expectations of clients? About collaterals who have expectations of our clients? As you reflect, use at least two assigned readings to support/frame your thoughts.

No plagiarism. EASY VOCABULARY. APA style/format.

Incorporate –

  1. Bohart, A. C. & Watson, J. C. (2020). Person-centered psychotherapy and Emotion-Focused
    Psychotherapies. In S.B. Messer & N.J. Kaslow, (Eds.), Essential Psychotherapies: Theory and
    , Fourth Edition, (221-256). New York: Guilford Press.
  2. Tosone, C. (2013). On being a relational practitioner in an evidence-based world. Journal of Social Work
    Practice, 27(3), 249-257.

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