CCMH/558 Week 2 Post

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As a crisis counselor, you might encounter a client who is experiencing a crisis related to incongruence between their personal values and beliefs and those of their culture. When working with these clients, it is important for the counselor to seek understanding about the client’s culture and the conflict they are experiencing. 

Read the following case study and then answer the questions that follow: 

Nasir is a 26-year-old Pakistani male who has come to see you regarding his recent experience of suicidal ideations. He reports that these thoughts have surfaced over the past week, and he is really scared because he is not sure if he would follow through on the thoughts. 

Nasir explains that he is the only child of self-made immigrants and is the only one in his family to have grown up in the United States. He admits that he is currently in a deeply loving relationship with an American; however, his parents have arranged for him to marry someone else from within their faith community. He has not disclosed to his family that he is dating someone, as he believes it will shame the family. He explains that, for a moment, for the first time in his life, he had felt free, but that his parents contacted him recently to tell him that it is now time for him to meet and marry the chosen woman in 3 weeks.

Nasir describes feeling torn, overwhelmed, and hopeless. He explains that, if he does not go through with the arranged marriage, he will disrespect and dishonor his family, and believes that the only way out is to end his life. He states, “If I dishonor them, I have nothing, but if I deny my heart, I still have nothing.” 

What are the ethical and cultural implications of working with this client? 

If you were the counselor in this situation, what other questions would you have for this client?  

What are some culturally relevant resources in your local community that you could refer the client to for additional support?

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