CC Methods of Social Research Peer Journal Article Critique Discussion

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Article Critique:


This assignment will require you summarize and critique the article you have chosen that relates to your group topic. The article you pick must be original research. You should utilize material covered in your textbook and in class discussion to help in your analysis of the article’s methodological strategy. This is not a group assignment and you should not be working with classmates on the article critique. The article critique is to be written in prose and should address the questions described below. Do not simply use bullet points, incomplete sentences, etc. There should be NO quoted material—part of this assignment is learning how to effectively paraphrase research articles, including the study’s findings. This assignment should be around 2,000 words

I. Purpose

a. Why did the researchers do the study?

b. What did the researchers want to accomplish with this study?

II. Review of the Literature

a. What does previous literature on the topic say?

b. How does this study fit into that existing literature? Is the current research filling some “gap” in the literature?

III. Research Question & Study Hypotheses

a. What are the specific research questions being asked in this particular study?

b. What are the specific hypotheses?

IV. Research Methods

a. What general methodology did the author(s) use in this study (e.g. surveys, secondary data analysis, experimentation, observation, content analysis, qualitative interviews, some other method?)

b. How are their main concepts in the study defined and measured?

c. What is the sampling method?

d. What is the independent variable?

e. What is the dependent variable?

V. Findings

a. What did the researchers find?

b. Did their findings support their hypotheses?

VI. Discussion

a. What is the most important take away from this study?

b. Were their limitations that prevented the study from being conclusive?

c. What are the future directions of the research?

d. Do you see any problems with the paper in general?

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