Business Model Innovation How Dollar Shave Club Disrupted Gillette Discussion

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Discussion Questions:

  1. If you buy shaving equipment, do you purchase it in a retail store or online? Explain your choice.
  1. How was Gillette initially able to gain a competitive advantage? How was Gillette able to sustain its competitive advantage for so long, leading to a near monopoly position of 75 percent market share at its peak?
  1. What led to the opening in the market that entrepreneurs such as Michael Dubin with Dollar Shave Club used to enter the industry? How did they enter the industry? What type of business model did they use, and why were they successful?
  1. Why did Unilever offer $1 billion (in cash!) for Dollar Shave Club?
  1. Do you think online startups such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s will continue to steal market share from Gillette? Why or why not?

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