Auburn University The Lone Wolf Terrorism Paper

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The mid-term exam will consist of an essay question developed from class discussions, assignments, and the readings. Remember to follow the writing requirements for all assignments. 

The essay question will be graded on correct format, grammar, spelling, and the ability to clearly and succinctly answer the question while providing evidence from the content readings to back up your analysis. (Weeks 1-4)


Please answer one of the following essay questions/prompts as the topic of your mid-term exam essay:

Why is it important to understand the threat from domestic terrorist groups?

Define and explain the term “strategic logic that drives terrorist violence”.

Examine and discuss lone-wolf terrorism.

What is a hate crime?

  • What are the differences between Antifa and alternative right groups?
  • What is the threat from leftist violent groups in the United States?
  • Describe and analyze one right-wing terrorist group that is currently active in the United States.
  • Structure.png
  • Each essay should be 4-5 pages (1200-1500 words double-spaced) and include references to the reading material and/or appropriate internet materials. Please note: Essays will not be reviewed or graded after the fifth page.
  • You must have at least five (5) references, please.
  • You must follow the writing requirements provided for the course

You introduction must include a thesis and a step-wise discussion plan

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