Auburn University Police as a Gang Discussion

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This assignment will evaluate how well you can synthesize and articulate your opinion, in written format, about whether or not the police are a gang. Your paper should answer the following question:

Are the police a gang?

While this is an opinion paper, you must support your stance with course material and any other credible sources that you feel help make your stance more compelling. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It is your opinion. Just make sure your opinion is clearly laid out, convincing, and based on credible source information.

The paper must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. APA formatting and citation style (Note: you do NOT need to include an abstract)
  2. Separate title page that includes student name, course and section, and paper title
  3. Microsoft Word Document
  4. 1″ (72 points) Margins all around
  5. The overall indentation should be set left and right at a 0 pt, while the first line of the paragraph at 18 points, tabs should also be set at 18 points (however, in cases of using extended large direct quotes the tab should be at 36 points).
  6. Do not justify the paper since that causes spacing issues. Always align the paper to the left
  7. Times New Roman font
  8. 12-Point font
  9. Double-spaced (Sometimes word documents are automatically defaulted to have extra spacing. In order to make sure this is not the case, click on Page layout, and in the spacing section make sure that the before and after are set to 0 point)
  10. Include page numbers.
  11. Pictures, graphics, figures, and/or tables should not be included in the text. If you choose to include these in your paper they should be in an appendix. Please note that Appendixes do not count toward the assignment minimum/maximum page requirement noted in point 11 below.
  12. At least 4 pages of text (not including title page or references).

Grading Rubric:

Rubric, Opinion Paper 1.docx

Here are a couple of helpful links to review before your write your paper. You don’t have to review them, but many students find them helpful.

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