Ashford University Social Science The Here and Now in Psychotherapy Paper

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Background Information

In this assignment, you will dig deeper into understanding the two levels, or tiers, of the clinical application of the here and now in a psychotherapy group: the immediate events occurring in the group and the illuminating process. The use of self, including self-disclosure, might help support the group members in focusing on the here and now. The concept of process is explored in detail by Yalom and Leszcz, and should be examined thoroughly in your paper because it is a rather philosophical stance in addition to having a practical clinical application. The video demonstrating leadership in the here and now should be valuable in helping you better understand the concept of process.

  1. Watch the video“Leading in the Here and Now: Initial Stage”(new tab). (TRANSCRIPT IS ATTACHED)
  2. Identify the type of process group that you will be focusing on for assignment 8.3 (for example, depressed men who are divorced or diverse teens in a substance abuse residential home).
  3. Write a three-page paper that answers the following questions. Be sure to describe how you will ensure that you focus on the here and now (as well as help illuminate the process) in the group therapy session where you are the facilitator or therapist.
    1. Explore at least four of the elements described in Chapter 6 and explain how you will implement them in the group session.
    2. What do you think would be the major challenges in implementing any of these elements you chose and why?
    3. How would you handle or address those challenges?
    4. How would you ensure that diversity was supported in the group with the elements you are focusing on?
    5. How would the elements you are focusing on assist you in demonstrating empathy, reflection, and interpersonal skills in this particular group setting?
    6. Identify and address ethical issues that relate to the use of the here and now and four related elements, challenges, tricky issues, diversity concerns, or other matters that you anticipate might arise. Use the NASW Code of Ethics(new tab) for this section of your paper.

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