SOWK 3000 NCC Foundations of Interviewing and Interpersonal Paper

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Write a 4-5 page research based paper (APA style) choosing one of the following. (10 points)

Choose on topic from below: 

1. Motivational Interviewing basic skills or theories in MI

2. Ethical dilemmas  when interviewing and/or therapeutic techniques 

3.Benefits of strengths based /motivational type interviewing 

4. Using cultural competency with interviews and therapeutic techniques 

5. Diversity and Inclusion difficulties with interviewing and intervention

6. One of the 12 Grand Challenges of Social Work

-Clear introduction or abstract, conclusion and literature type review of articles (3 points) 

-You must use 3-5 scholarly references (the book can be used as a resource) and cite in correct APA form. Only one TedTalk/Video or Podcast may be used as a source. (3 min. sources used within text and referenced correctly, 5 points) 

-Overall grammar, writing, spelling etc., Please do not write in first person as this is a scholarly paper (2 points)

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