EDU 250 Pitt Thoughts Before and After Completing Praxis Practice Test Questions

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 Praxis Practice Test

Go to the following website and take the three short practice test for the Praxis Core Math, Praxis Core Reading, and Praxis Core Writing Practice.  Once you have finished each practice test, review your results.  Then, answer the following questions:

1.    Before taking the practice tests, how did you think you would do? After taking the practice test, how do you feel?

2.    How did you do on each of the tests?  What were your scores?

3.    Using terms from the discussion board video (how to prepare for the test), what resources do you think you should utilize before taking your Praxis Core test?  Which do you feel would be more beneficial for your study habits and why?

4.    How would you implement the above mentioned resources in your preparation for the test?

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