Auburn Costs and Consequences of Victimization that Victims Experience Discussion

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Assignment Overview

In this writing assignment you will be addressing factors of the costs and consequences of victimization that victims experience, including emotional, financial, and physical. The problem of victim blaming will also be discussed. These factors affect both victims and families and create challenges for community and law enforcement response. This assignment will help you think critically about the effects on victims and the importance of research findings on the topic of victim precipitation/blame. These are key factors indicating the complexities of responding to the victim experience, especially for those who may work with victims. 

Formatting and Submission Guidelines 

Please note the following formatting standards, minimum requirements and resources:

I expect high quality, formal writing that reflects a thoughtful synthesis of the many principles we have covered, and that exhibits a high level of professionalism. You need to address all question prompts, have clear organization, lucid points, a formal tone, conventional use of language, and formatting in the APA style.

5-7 pages (cover and reference pages do not count toward the minimum page requirement)

APA format APA formatting guide

Use Zoltero or another citation tool, to help you create accurate citations (optional, but recommended, as it will make your life simpler!) 

Use the ASU Writing Center

You must include references to the textbook and course materials as primary resources and include a minimum of 3 high quality outside sources

Required/allowed file types: pdf, doc, docx

  • Submit by uploading your document in Canvas.


  • Review

Before beginning the assignment, review the following materials:

Module 3 reading and lecture: Consequences of Victimization


Write a paper that addresses the following:

  • What are the four stages of physical injury?  How do they differ from each other?

List and discuss the three stages of crisis.  In your opinion, which stage is the most critical for the victim?  Justify your answer.

  • Should persons who commit disaster fraud be sentenced more severely than those who steal from a single victim?  Why or why not? Justify your answer.

Discuss the advantages and/or disadvantages of studying victim precipitation.  Should researchers continue to study this?  Why or why not? Justify your answer. 

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