ARU Associates Degree in Business Real Estate & Escrow Discussion Response

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Please respond to Meghan with 100 words

Hello class,

My name is Megan . My goal is to earn my associates degree in Business Real Estate and Escrow. I am currently focusing on earning my real estate salesperson license and I have been studying all summer for the state exam. I have applied for the exam and just waiting on the DRE to process my application so that I can schedule my exam date. I pray that I pass the first time and I’m confident I will. In addition, I finished my art degree last spring, and I am still finishing a few photo classes to earn my photography certificate. I am in the process of switching my major to Business in Real Estate and should graduate with my second-degree next spring. I am married (6 years in) and have a beautiful, wild four-year-old daughter named Charleigh that just started TK. She loves school and doesn’t ever want to come home after. As of now I am unemployed until I get my license and spend my days being a mom. I plan to work at Keller Williams with Robert Patterson and learn as much as I can from their work culture. My hobbies include photography, different forms of art when I have time, and taking care of my plants. Yes, I’m that crazy plant lady! Weightlifting is a recent hobby I have been able to jump back into since my daughter started school and I have time to go the gym. I have a long way to go to get back to where I was before covid started. I have access to a computer with wi-fi and have my book for this class. I have my canvas up to date and check my school email daily. Looking forward to learning more about California Real Estate Law.

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