West Los Angeles College Public Speaking Essay

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1, We will discuss “The Big Five” from the trait perspective of Personality, and to give you a better feeling for each of these five traits please go to the following website and take the survey (you only have to complete the section above the blue line):

http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/ (Links to an external site.)

For up to 10 points of extra credit, you will do three things:

1) Take the Big Five inventory at the above website. Upon completion it will give you a chart that looks something like this:

2) Take a note of the number they give you for “Your percentile” for each of the Big-5 traits. You will need to report those to me. In the picture I have big arrows pointing at it and they are underlined in red. So in your answer the first thing you will report is those scores:






3) Finally, briefly discuss how accurate you think your results are, and how closely your results match your personality. Which of the Big-5 results do you think is the most accurate representation of yourself? Why? Which of the Big 5 results above do you think is the least accurate? Why?

2, Introductions and conclusions are a vital aspect of public speaking .

A great introduction should start with an attention getting opening statement. I have been teaching for nearly 33 years and the most common intros I have heard is “today I’m going to talk about “…. If you open your speeches with this phrase you will pass the class but with no better than a C grade. The most common conclusion is “thats it ” or worse “and Yeah” ( whatever that means )

For this assignment you are to do an internet search on attention getting intros and effective conclusions for public speeches, this is so that I know that you are aware of what is expected from you on the remaining three speeches that I will be assigning to you. You may turn this in either orally by video or written , whichever you prefer. There is no time limit or number of page requirements. You will all find the same information and should save this information to help you with your future speeches .

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