UOA Importance of E Chicago Forum in The Community Transformation Discussion

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eChicago was created to assemble “all kinds of voices to analyze and advocate [the range of ways that] Chicago can complete its transformation from an industrial city to an information city, by working from the campuses, from the neighborhoods, and from the city’s public and non-profit institutions.” The first forum was held in 2007 and the last (so far) was held in 2013.

For this assignment, please spend some time perusing the eChicago archives: http://echicago.illinois.edu/conferences.html to identify at least one program that highlights the work of libraries, on their own or in collaboration with other community organizations.

In your post, include:
1. The name of the program
2. The year/forum/panel in it was discussed
3. A summary of the major features of the program and the findings (if any)
4. The relevance, importance, and sustainability of the program in the current landscape (consider the applicability to a library in your own community, or a community with which you are familiar, or alternatively, the library in which you currently work)

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