University of Phoenix Ethical Application of Crisis Intervention Essay

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Natural disasters are very unpredictable and can strike at any time. Some communities have an established crisis response team and crisis intervention plan, while other communities may not be as prepared. There are times when a crisis response team is activated at a moment’s notice without any plan in place. For the following discussion, consider how you might handle being a part of a newly activated team that has little to no direction on what type of crisis response to implement.

You work for an agency where a natural disaster has struck in your current community. (Choose a natural disaster that is relevant to your local area to use as an example, such as an earthquake, flooding, fires, tornado, hurricane, snow, etc.). You and your team are meeting to decide the best way to support individuals in crisis (e.g., set up a mobile crisis center team to respond in person, create a telehealth crisis hotline to reach people remotely). Justify your position using scholarly resources and data from your local area.

  • Which response would you choose? Why?
  • Which treatment model do you think is most appropriate in this situation? Why?
  • What ethical considerations should you make in this situation?
  • How does your geographical area, the characteristics of your community, and availability of resources influence your approach to a response strategy?

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