Temple University Human Sexually Essay

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Part I: Jessica Fields, Risky Lessons

Figure 4-1 of Risky Lessons shows images from a flipchart on the use of contraceptive devices created by
non-profit ETR Associates. Out of concerns that this flipchart might offend parents, Mrs. Wilkie hid this
flipchart in a closet at Dogwood Middle School. However, Fields argues that this material could be
immensely valuable for promoting agentic sexual subjectivity in students. In a short essay, explain what
Fields means by “sexual subjectivity” that involves agency and explain why she thinks this poster would
promote it. In your answer, compare and contrast this flipchart and its messages with sex education
classes at the three schools that Fields studies.

Part II: Gender and Hookup Culture

Mainstream acceptance of heterosexual hookup culture, on college campuses in particular, is a
relatively new phenomenon that many argue is attributable to increasing gender equality. Yet, many
problems remain. Use course materials (e.g., Armstrong et al., Grazian, Lectures) to show that sexual
satisfaction in heterosexual hookups certainly exists, but it is relatively rare for men and even more rare
for women. How do socialization processes involving gendered sexual scripts, both prior to and during
college, contribute to this phenomenon?

For each essay, please write 750-1000 words, double spaced, and include a word count at the beginning
of each answer.

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