State University of New York Communities and Organisations in Social Work Essay

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Textbook = GENERALIST PRACTICE WITH ORGANIZATIONS AND COMMUNITIES, 7th Edition. By Karen K. Kirst-Ashman, Grafton H. Hull Jr. Link:

Case study in Singapore (Total = 125 marks)

Seletar Family Service Centre (SFSC) plans to run a series of workshops dealing with mental health for youths and teaching youth participants ways to manage stress. The programme also hoped to recruit youth mental health ambassadors who would promote mental wellness to their peers in school.

The programme was developed after a comprehensive need assessment conducted by SFSC revealed that there was a high number of youths within the community that were suffering from stress and other mental health issues, especially during the examination periods and after the release of the examination results.

The Logic Model which the social worker of SFSC had developed is in the uploaded file.

Question 1 (25 marks)

(a) Critique each of the components of the Logic Model. Suggest improvements for each of the components.

(20 marks)

(b) Appraise if the proposed programme fits any of Rothman’s three models of community organising.

(5 marks)

Question 2 (25 marks)

(a) Analyse three (3) ethical dilemmas in macro practice that the Senior Social Worker of the

Seletar FSC could face when trying to plan, organise and implement the stress management

programme for the youths.

(15 marks)

(b) Discuss two (2) roles that the Senior Social Worker can play to address any of the ethical

dilemmas that has been highlighted.

(10 marks)

Question 3 (25 marks)

(a) Appraise, with a relevant example, if the Gamble and Weil’s Organising Functional

Communities (OFC) model is applicable in the Singapore context.

(15 marks)

(b) Analyse two (2) strategies of advocacy that members using the Organising Functional

Communities model could embark on to ameliorate the adverse environmental conditions

that their clients are facing.

(10 marks)

Question 4 (25 marks)

(a) Discuss two (2) possible conflicts that might arise when working with volunteers who were

previously clients of the social service organisation.

(10 marks)

(b) Describe how social media could be an effective tool for micro, mezzo and macro social

work practice. Analyse the disadvantages of using social media for advocacy.

(15 marks)

Question 5 (25 marks)

(a) Explain the five functions of communities.(They are in Chap 8 of Kirst-Ashman and Hull textbook. 1: Production, distributuion and consumption. 2: Socialization. 3: Social control. 4: Social participation)

(15 marks)

(b) Examine how community work adheres to the principles of human rights and social justice

when addressing issues stemming from a deficit of these functions for a particular group in

the community.

(10 marks)

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