KIN 470 CCSU Parental Role in Youth Sports Essay

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Guidelines: These two questions will synthesize the course readings and discussions. Be rich, evidence driven with course material, and organized in your writing. Make logical connections between your ideas. Ideas should be presented coherently and with deliberation, rather than bullet point style. Be sure to define main concepts and to draw from the class material IN A SPECIFIC AND COMPREHENSIVE MANNER TO SUPPORT YOUR ANSWERS. USE AS MANY RELEVANT EXAMPLES AS POSSIBLE FROM COURSE MATERIALS (use class readings, videos, speakers, and other examples to support your arguments in each question). Writing style and mechanics (including sentence structure and spelling) will be taken into account, as this impacts clarity/strength of argumentation. You will be graded according to these key elements.

Dawson reading (Read “Introduction”, “Performative regulation…” and “Crossfit as a greedy institution”)

Adventure and society only read chapter 6

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