Columbia Southern University Important Ethical Decision Discussion Questions

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Question 1: If you were to ask someone else the question, “Who are you, really?” what kinds of things would you be hoping to hear as an authentic response?[Note – the question is not about who Youare, but about the typesof things people would say about themselves.]

Question 2: What factors should persons consider when making an important ethical decision? What ethical principles should be involved?

For this Final Paper (5 pages minimum, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font):

Write an essay in which you name and accurately describe at least six ideas from the course that you found significant, three for understanding human identity and three for understanding ethics. Describe each concept, and explain how it helps to highlight important aspects of human identity or ethics, and how it reflects, deepens, or changes your responses to the first-day questions.

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