ARUCC Human Sexuality Psychology Paper

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Please respond to Logan with 100 words 

Probably one the most convenient contraception’s in my opinion is the IUD. I say this is more convenient than some of the others since it is a one time process and you do not have to worry about making sure to take a pill or properly using a condom. The IUD also appears to have very low rates of accidents such as pregnancy and side effects. However IUDs do not protect against STIs like condoms do. That is why I would say if people wanted to be extra safe, the man or whoever has a penis should wear a condom as well. Another issue not really discussed in the book is that it is not so convenient in buying or getting one. Condoms and some other contraception’s can easily be found in many stores but IUDs require time to go to a doctor and money. It does seem though that once you have an IUD, it is more convenient in that there is very low rates of problems and you do not have to worry remembering the steps properly that other contraception’s have. For inconvenient contraception’s, I would say they are the cervical cap and diaphragm. They both need to be left in place for several hours which is is definitely an inconvenience. They both also require the additional use of spermicide to reach its maximum protection. These inconveniences look like they can be forgiven but compared to others with just as much steps, they seem to have one of the higher rates of getting pregnant. The book gives the statistic of 6-9% which is just way too high if you do not want to get pregnant.

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