University of North Texas Supervisor Interview Questions

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Based the paper/interview on the position of supervisor social worker. The location of the agency should be in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, USA.

Addresses Social Work Competencies 1-9

Submit a paper based on an in-depth interview (or series of interviews) with a LMSW-level, LCSW-level and/or other master level social work supervisor in the area of substance abuse. The purpose is to learn about how a supervisor navigates the objectives of the work setting and social work supervisor role.


This is a 7-8-pages, double-spaced in a standard font and text size

Adhere to APA throughout your paper. APA Manual, 7th edition: see pp. 61-67 and format your paper based on the sample paper. You do not need a cover page or reference page.

Use the structure outlined below. The questions are guidelines to be used as discussion points and not as a question/answer interview.STRUCTURE
Format your paper with the following headings. Introduction
Describe the supervisor you interviewed and reasons for this selection. Explore how this social worker became a supervisor.

  • How did he/she become a social work supervisor?
  • What is your licensing level? Please specify
  • What does he/she like about supervision?

How would he/she describe himself/herself as a supervisor?

How would he/she train a new supervisor?

What skills or knowledge does he/she think would be important for a new supervisor to have?

Describe the agency, facility, clinic, hospital, or other setting in which the supervisor works.Supervision Roles
Detail how the social work supervisor balances the administrative, educational, and supportive functions of the supervision role.

What type of orientation does he/she provide for staff?

How are staff developed?

How are educational, support, and administrative functions balanced in supervision?

  • What is the use of relationship in supervision, importance of it, and how is it developed/maintained?
  • How are issues of power and authority handled?
  • How is conflict between employees managed?
  • Ethical Issues or Dilemmas
  • Critique the supervisor’s practice setting and situation regarding ethical and legal obligations of supervisors.
  • Ask him/ her to reflect on an ethical issue, dilemmas and/or legal issues in their practice setting as a supervisor
  • Concepts
    Apply a minimum of three (3) concepts from the course material below to the interview and reference accordingly:

Cultural competency in supervision (race, class, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, immigrant status, etc.)

How is work-related stress and/or secondary trauma addressed?

How are performance appraisals/evaluations and feedback given?

What is his/her leadership style?

Interest in Supervision
This final section of the paper is to include a discussion of your own career path and interest in supervision, with a plan for development

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