UCLA Social Science Decision Making Models Paper

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To prepare:

  • Review the information found in the economic study, entitled “Child Food Insecurity: The Economic Impact on our Nation,” found in this Week’s Learning Resources.
  • Consider the following scenario:

The South-Central Food Bank serves a population of 50,000. The population is racially diverse. In 2018, the largest ethnic group was Non-Hispanic White with 33,700 residents. The second largest ethnic group was Non-Hispanic Black/African American with 9380 residents. The third largest ethnic group was Hispanic White with 2640 residents.

According to the 2020 KIDS COUNT Data Book, 19% of the children in South Central City live in poverty. The challenge faced by South Central City is that children in low-income neighborhoods live in food deserts. COVID-19 lockdowns have forced the discontinuation of school food programs that were previously providing nourishing meals to low-income children. While South Central City has multiple sources of employment, COVID-19 has adversely impacted this sector as well.

You have been hired as a consultant by the South-Central city council. They would like you to develop a plan to provide food assistance to low-income residents, particularly those with children. The first thing they want you to do is to recommend the best strategy for them to make decisions regarding the problem.

  • Review the different decision-making models provided in this week’s Learning Resources, as well as any models you identify on your own.
  • Consider how each model might impact decision-making with regards to the above scenario.
  • Select the one decision-making model that you think is best to apply to the above scenario.

Post a brief description of the decision-making model you selected and why you selected it. Then, explain how applying that decision-making model would lead to success in addressing the problem presented in the scenario. Refer to this week’s Learning Resources to support your points.

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