The Godfather Film Discussion

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study, and evaluate a single element in a film of your choice. For this assignment, choose a film that you can watch and study repeatedly and in depth (i.e. one you own or can rent) and analyze one of the film’s elements that we have studied in class from Chapters 5, 6, 8 or 9 in The Art of Watching Film. Specifically, you may examine the elements of cinematography as discussed in Chapter 5 (cinematic points of view, elements of cinematic composition, or specialized cinematic techniques); or you may examine the editing of a specific scene as discussed in Chapter 6 (selectivity, coherence, continuity, rhythm, transitions, tempo and time control); or you may examine the use of sound effects or dialogue as discussed in Chapter 8 (three dimensionality, points of view in sound, special uses of sound effects and dialogue, sound as a plot device, sound as a transitional element, voice over narration, silence as a sound effect, rhythmic qualities, etc.); or you may examine the special functions of the musical score as discussed in Chapter 9 (heightening the dramatic effect of dialogue, telling an inner story

Critical Film Analysis

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