Social Science Social & Emotional Foundation for Early Learning Response

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week 5 

please  respond to dana 

After reviewing the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundation for Early Learning, I found it gave useful tools to help teacher to better understand and explain a child’s social emotional skills. The three things that I found interesting were, the positive feedback and encouragement starters, the book nook and the tools for developing behavior support plans. I chose these three topics interesting because I often find myself giving the same feedback and it would be helpful to be able to give better words of encouragement to students. The book nook is also a great tool because it helps children identity different emotions and behaviors as well as pictures to connect the two together. “CSEFEL has identify a number of classroom practices that teach these skills and promote positive behavior” (Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p. 179). Lastly, the tool for developing behavior support plans helps the teacher be able to identify how to go about helping a child when they are acting out and need a little extra attention. “Working collectively, this team can develop a plan that includes teaching a child skill and behaviors to replace challenging ones (Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.212).


Feeney, S., Moravcik, E., & Nolte, S. (2019). Who am I in the lives of children?: An introduction to early childhood education. New York, NY: Pearson Education.

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